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LaClare Farms Evalon™

Price: $9.00

The Hedrich's know that "Great Milk Makes Great Cheese" and their award-winning cheese consistently confirms their belief. They use only the freshest, highest quality, and most delicious goat milk from healthy does fed on grain and excellent forage. Only the milk from their farm is used in crafting this delicious raw milk semi-soft cheese. 
A Gouda-style, artisan cheese, Evalon also offers a hint of Italian Asiago flavor and texture. LaClare Farms Evalon™ aged goat cheese grates and shreds well, which makes it a perfect cooking cheese. As Evalon matures it is an excellent table cheese. The first batch of Evalon was crafted in the fall of 2008.  In 2011, Cheesemaker Katie (Hedrich) Fuhrmann, daughter of Larry and Clara, won Best of Show with the Evalon out of 1604 cheeses at the United States Championship.

All Cheese is Random Weight - your final amount may vary slightly based upon the size of piece selected for you.

Milk Type                                    LaClare Farms Goat Milk
Aged                                           4 months +
Shelf Life                                    365 days
Cheese Family                           Pressed washed curd, natural rind cheese made from whole goat milk
Ingredients                                 Whole Raw Goat Milk, Culture, Enzymes & Salt
Culture                                        Non- GMO, Proprietary Blend
Coagulant (rennet)                     Non- GMO, Microbial ( Vegetarian )
Size                                            6 oz.
Flavor                                         A supple, sweet cheese with a fruity nutty finish
Recommended Uses                Great for cheese boards, appetizers or supplement for Parmesan/Gouda
Food Pairings                            Baked inside Italian style dishes, use any where Parmesan / Gouda is used
Wine Pairings                            Fruity Whites, Dry Reds or Champagne
Beer Pairings                             Belgium Lagers

Awards                                       Best of Class - 2015 United States Championship Cheese

                                                  Top Sixteen Cheeses in United States - 2015

                                                  Best of Class - 2014 World Champion Cheese Contest

                                                  Top Sixteen Cheeses of World - 2014

                                                 Best of Show - 2011 United States Cheese Championship Contest