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LaClare Farms Fondy Jack

Price: $6.00

Monterey Jack style made with Quality Dairy Goat Co-op goat milk to craft the creamy, mild cheese.

The Fondy Jack is a milk monterey jack style cheese.  It makes a great replacement cheese for cow monterey.  It can be used in or on any dish such as burgers, mac n' cheese, cheese boards, etc.  The Hedrich's began crafting the Fondy Jack to offer a traditional style goat milk cheese for consumers.

 Milk Type                                          Goat - Quality Goat Milk Co-op
Aged                                                  7 days
Shelf Life                                            180 days
Cheese family                                    Stir curd, washed curd pressed made from whole pasteurized goat milk
Ingredients                                         Whole Pasteurized Goat Milk, Culture, Enzymes & Salt
Flavors                                               Plain, Tomato Basil, Pepper Jack

Culture                                               Non-GMO, Proprietary Blend

Coagulant (rennet)                            Non-GMO, Microbial ( Vegetarian)
Size                                                   6 oz.
Flavor                                                Patterned after a Monterey jack mild, creamy and fresh
Recommended Uses                        Great on crackers, melting, shredding or supplement for cow milk Monterey Jack

Food Pairings                                   Melt in grilled cheese, mac and cheese, over burgers, shred over salads or pasta

                                                          Use any where Monterey Jack is used.

Wine Pairings                                  Fruity Whites or Champagne
Beer pairings                                   Light beer

All Cheese is Random Weight - your final amount may vary slightly based upon the size of piece selected for you.