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LaClare Farms Chandoka

Price: $3.80

Made with a mix of cow milk and goat milk, this is a mild, creamy, fruity cheese with rich, cheddary notes. As the cheese ages, the cow milk develops the fruity characteristics, while the goat milk develops sweet, tangy notes.

Chandoka is inspired by the mother and three aunts of Larry Hedrich, owner of LaClare Farms.  The four sisters, Charmaine, Ann, Donna, and Kathy, grew up on the farm where LaClare Farms is now located, on the east shore of Lake Winnebago.  The farm was established in 1924 by their parents Greg and Evelyn Ecker and was later passed down to the four girls.  When the girls inherited the farm they used the first two letters of each of their names and came up with CHANDOKA.  In the fall of 2012, Chandoka Farm continued in the family and became the new home of LaClare Farms. 

All Cheese is Random Weight - your final amount may vary slightly based upon the size of piece selected for you.

 Milk Type                                     Cow - Local Family Farms.  Goat - Quality Goat Milk Co-op
Aged                                              2 months
Shelf Life                                       365 days
Cheese Family                              Cheddar, pressed made from whole pasteurized cow and goat milk

Ingredients                                     Whole Pasteurized Cow and Goat Milk, Culture, Enzymes, & Salt

Culture                                           Non GMO, Proprietary Blend
Coagulant ( rennet )                       Non GMO, Microbial ( Vegetarian )
Size                                                6 oz.
Flavor                                             Mild sweet cheddar notes with a creamy unique fruity finish
Recommended Uses                     Great for Cheese boards, melts or supplement for traditional cheddars

Food Pairings                                 mac and cheese, Grilled Cheese, omelets or use   where traditional 

                                                       cheddars are used.         

Wine Pairings                                 Fruity Whites or Reds
Beer Pairings                                 Scottish Ales or Stouts
Awards                                           2nd Place - 2014 - Dodge County Fair